Local Authorities Reporting under the MSA: New Study

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We are pleased to present our lastest study: UK Modern Slavery Act Transparency in Supply Chains: Reporting by Local Authorities. BHRE Research Series. Report 2. March 2018, writen by Olga Martin-Ortega, Anna Gorna and Rahima Islam. In the Report we present the findings of the qualitative analysis of the statements produced by local authorities from the time of the enactment of the UK Modern Slavery Act up to 31st January 2018, and thus, covering the financial years 2015-2016 and 2016-2017. For the first year of reporting we found and analysied 16 statements, whilst during the second year of reporting our sample included 29 statements produeced by 33 Councils.

Local authorities are not covered by the government’s definition of commercial organisation and so are under no obligation to publish statements on compliance with the MSA. However, some local authorities have demonstrated awareness and ethical leadership by having voluntarily published statements. 

Our report contains examples of good practice which we hope will be useful for Councils in their future endeavors to combat modern slavery and also encorage local authorities which have not published a statement yet to do so in the coming years.

To access the report follow this link. To read our blog about reporting by local authorities click here. For more information on our work on Modern Slavery and Public Procurement click here.

We are grateful to Guy Head for his comments to the previous versions of this report. All mistakes remain ours.